The World is a dangerous place. You look at the news, you see the stories. Shootings, bombings, multi-vehicle pileups, serial snipers on the loose in the nation’s Capitol, or worse, terrorism, war, famine, disease. Things to be afraid of but yet for most they are so distant. The war is thousands of miles away, the terrorists haven’t done anything in years, the shooting couldn’t happen in our town. People learn to distance themselves from their fear. Qualifying it, quantifying it, and placing it out of sight. For the mundane everyday front page news (or inside pg 26 next to the classifieds) type of fears this works fine. But, there are things you can’t ignore out there. Specters that won’t go away because you choose not to see them. These are the things that can’t be qualified or quantified and so distancing oneself is not enough. These are the things people train themselves not to believe in. Monsters that thrive on the World’s ignorance. Ghosts, and Wolves, and Vampire Bats. Witches and Monsters and a hundred other things that make living one more day an amazing feat of endurance. You know about these things. In spite of others telling you that they can’t exist you believe. The beasts that the others claim are just stories. You know because you’ve seen them. You are ten years old. Welcome to the World of Darkness.

New Venice is a Hunter: the Vigil game in which our heroes will begin as children who will later grow to fight or flee the perils of the WoD.

New Venice